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Matt Hall


October 16, 2023

A lot has happened in the 413 days since my last blog post.

With my colleagues, I shut down Agile in September. With my family, I packed up my house in October and moved to Norway in November. With my new colleagues, I found my feet in Equinor in December, and that adventure continues.

Having started my career as a geologist, then reconfigured as a geophysicist, I’m proud to call myself a developer today. I still have tons to learn about maintaining large projects in an enterprise setting, but I do make things and I consider that to be the killer feature of any hacker.

A few people have asked me what it’s like to have a boss again, or work inside a big corporation. But really, it’s not that different from working with corporate clients. I still have a lot of self-determination, thanks to the progressive style of the awesome team I work in, and the only thing I really miss is being able to decide for myself that I’d like to spend $10k on a hackathon.

Life outside work is full of hikes and bikes, far-flung fjords and cosy cabins. My Norwegian is a bit rusty (my wife and I lived here in the nineties) but basically functional. We found a house to live in, though it did require some downsizing.

In case you hadn’t noticed, this blog post is more of a postcard to the many friends and co-conspirators I’ve completely failed to keep in touch with. With luck, the coming months and years will provide many opportunities to catch up in person.

For now though… the blog is back! Scien✖️lab is here 🚀